Concrete Saw Use: 4 Hows [Starting it, Depth, Speed, Cost]

Concrete saw use

A concrete saw is a popular piece of equipment used to cut concrete. In this article, we will see how to start different models for concretes saws. How deep they can cut, what is their cutting speed and how much does it cost to cut the concrete.

Starting the concrete saw is pretty much simple. However, the starting steps may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Let’s see the start-up operations for various brands:



If you are doing the cold-starting, follow the following steps:

  • Press the primer pump repeatedly until fuel enters it. (2) Flip the switch in the direction of (choke). (3) Hold down the rear handle with a foot and the tubular handle firmly with a hand.
  • Pull the starter handle firmly until you hear the first sound of the engine starting. When the engine starts, hold down the safety lever and squeeze and release the throttle repeatedly for one or two minutes to warm up the engine. The warming up process is complete once the engine speed stabilizes and it revs smoothly from low to high speed.
  • Use the primer pump to start the engine when it’s warm. Place the switch in the “I” (operating) position and start the engine as described in task (3) of the procedure described earlier.


  • Place the machine on the ground, and the abrasive wheel should not have anyone in its swivel range.
  • Stand on a firm footing
  • Press the cut-off machine firmly against the ground while also holding the handle and your thumb wrapped up around the handle.
  • Pull the starter grip slowly using the right hand until you find it getting harder. Then give it a brisk pull. However, be cautious to not pull the rope all the way.


  • Slide the ignition switch to the left to start the engine.
  • Pull the choke control out.
  • Turn on the throttle lock by pressing the throttle trigger lock, then pressing the throttle. Next, lock the throttle control (A). Let go of the throttle. There is a lock on the half throttle control
  • Valve for decompression: Reduce the pressure in the cylinder by pressing the valve. This helps start the power cutter. When starting, always use the decompression valve. When the machine starts, the valve automatically returns to its original position.


  • (Once) Press the decompression valve.
  • The primer bulb must be squeezed 2 to 3 times until it is filled with fuel.
  • Switch the start/stop switch to the “start” position.
  • Choose from the following options. There are two options available. Alternative 1 / 2 Pull the choke lever upwards if the motor is cold. This engages the choke and half throttle. Alternative 2 / 2If the motor is hot, pull up the choke lever and then push it downward. This is the half throttle, so no choke is engaged.
  • Make sure the cutting disc can freely rotate.
  • Stand with your right foot on the lower part of the rear grip.
  • Pull slowly on the starter handle with your right hand until resistance is felt.
  • Vigorously pull the starter handle. Move the choke lever back to its original position once the motor fires for the first time (after two to five pulls of the starter).

How Deep Does A 14 Concrete Saw Cut

How deep does a 14 concrete saw cut

The most common gas saw on construction sites has a depth of cut of 12 inches. There are hydraulic diamond chainsaws that can cut to a depth of 25 inches. With a 14-inch circular blade on a cutoff saw, the maximum depth is about 5 inches.

Due to the guide bar of a diamond chainsaw, which has a long, narrow flat surface, the saw can provide a deeper cut with no overcut, allowing the operator to make square corners. With a circular blade, this is not possible.

In addition to cutting deeper without overcutting, diamond chainsaws can also be used to make openings as small as 4 inches by 4 inches, the cutting depth of the bar. They are also useful for cutting odd-shaped holes through material.”

It is important to consider whether you will be cutting openings deeper than five inches when choosing a diamond chainsaw. In this case, a diamond chainsaw is a right tool. Most chainsaws start with a gas-driven two-cycle engine, which offers portability and low initial investment. Consider using a hydraulic or pneumatic diamond chainsaw, which has more power and can be used for openings up to 25 inches, if your cutting needs are significant.

How Fast Does A Concrete Saw Cut

How fast does a concrete saw cut

The value of time is immeasurable. Therefore, cutting speed is an important consideration when choosing a diamond blade for your job. Bonded diamond blades are essential. In other words, if you’re cutting concrete, the blade should be softly bonded, if you’re cutting asphalt, the blade should be hardly bonded. To summarize, you should aim for a cutting speed of 8 to 10 feet per minute. Get a new blade if you aren’t reaching this metric.

A blade must also last for a long time. The blade needs to give you significant life even if it glides through the material. With diamond blades, most relationships are opposites. A blade lasts longer if you are cutting with lower horsepower. With a thicker rim diameter, such as a .187, your blade will cut slower but last longer.

How Much Does It Cost To Saw Cut Concrete

For this type of work, the cost ranges from $0.60 to $55 per linear foot. Concrete contractors in your area may charge between $50 and $150 for this service. Ultimately, you will pay a wide range of amounts, based on a variety of factors, including:

  • The surface area of the slab.
  • Location or condition of the area.
  • A measure of the material’s depth per linear foot.
  • Whether the controlled removal is done inside or outside.
  • Cost per foot of cutting concrete

The average cost to cut a typical 4-inch slab usually ranges from $4.75 to $7.50 per linear foot. In addition to regional labor and material costs, the final price can vary depending on how complex the job is.

Cost Of Removing And Replacing Concrete

You can expect to pay between $2 and $6 per square foot for removal. Below is a list of typical prices for popular projects, whether you’re looking for a replacement or something new. The cost of removal is included in these costs.

  • Concrete driveways cost between $1,800 and $6,000
  • Cost of concrete patio: $1,650 to $4,270
  • Concrete sidewalks cost between $1,200 and $2,400
  • Concrete leveling costs between $550 and $1,390
  • The cost of polished concrete floors ranges from $1,540 to $3,840
  • Concrete countertops cost between $5,000 and $10,000
  • Cost of concrete delivery: $1,700-$7,005
  • Cost of concrete resurfacing: $300-$500
  • Walls made of poured concrete cost between $2,860-$10,180
  • Cost of concrete footings: $225-$3,600
  • Cost of concrete slab: $3,600 to $7,200


To conclude, the starting process of concrete saw is pretty much the same for all manufacturers. However, the process of cold and hot start differs. Usually, a concrete saw can cut up to 10 feet per minute. The 14-inch blade can easily cut a 5-inch thick concrete. The cost of saw-cutting concrete is less than a dollar per linear foot.