Rebar Cutting Machine VS Portable Rebar Cutter: Which is Better

In one of our blogs, we mentioned the use of rebar in construction. We also discussed the different types of rebar cutting machine.

Let’s go through a quick summary.

There are different types of cutting machine for different situations. Each of them works in their own capacity.

Some are used for better quality and some for faster work. Some are used on a short budget while some are used for portability.

A few of the cutting machines we mentioned were:

  • Circular Cutting Machine
  • Jigsaw Cutting Machine
  • Hydraulic Bolt Cutting Machine
  • Cutting Wheel
  • Angle Grinder
  • Chopsaw
  • Reciprocating Hammer
  • Portable Cutting Machine
  • Rebar Cutting Machine

Today, we’ll be discussing the comparison of two of the above-mentioned machines. They are Portable Rebar Cutter and Rebar Cutting Machine.

Both machines have their advantages and disadvantages. We will be comparing them based on different factors, which are:

Prices Overview

Cost is one of the most important aspects that make the user decide on something. Not all users have the budget to buy heavy machinery.

The price of the cutting machine ranges from $500 to $1000. This is a one-time investment but a huge investment.

On the other hand, the portable rebar cutter costs around $250 to $750.

As you can see, the difference is there. One could buy 1.5-2 portable rebar cutters for the price of one cutting machine. Rebar Cutting Machine For Sale

But a lot of other factors come into play as well so we cannot simply decide based on a lower cost.

Anyway,in this factor, the portable cutter is cheaper and better.



People with a big-budget always give the first priority to quality. By quality, we mean the resulting cut made in the rebar.

The rebar cutting machine uses a motor with a speed of 1450 RPM. It can cut through multiple steel bars like butter.

On the other hand, some of the portable rebar cutter is wireless and may not have the power to cleanly cut large bars.

So, in this regard, the cutting machine is better than the portable rebar cutter



Every machine should have the ability to deal with safety hazards. A pro tip is to create a safety checklist before starting any work at a construction site.

The rebar cutting machine is equipped with support brackets. This is provided to cut the rebar with safety. It also consists of a cutting clutch that allows you to control the process.

The portable rebar cutter is small so it does not contain many safety features. Although, It is wireless which can save a lot of tripping accidents.

So, in this regard, the former machine takes an edge.



This is a very important factor. Machines need to be transferable to any part of the site. This saves time and improves productivity.

The portable rebar cutter is a small machine with a weight ranging from 22 to 32 kg. Its longest dimension is 20 inches in length. This means even a single worker can transport the machine from one corner of the site to the other.

Meanwhile, the cutting machine is not something you can easily roam around at all times. This does not mean that it is fixed. It is equipped with a lifting ring that allows you to transport it. Although you will require heavy machinery to lift it.

In conclusion, the portable rebar cutter is the better option in this regard.



One of the key factors a customer keeps in mind when deciding on a cutting machine is the time it will save him.

As you’ve heard, Time is money. So, the ideal machine should cut the maximum number of rebar in the shortest time.

The portable rebar cutter can cut a single piece of rebar in 5 seconds. The maximum number of bars it can hold is 2 bars of 16 mm.

Now, onto the rebar cutting machine. The machine can hold rebar up to 40mm. Its cutting frequency is 32 times per minute. For the 16mm as instance, it can cut 5pcs one time

The cutting machine is much better than the cutter, in time-saving.

Specifications Overview

rebar cutting machine vs portable rebar cutter Specifications Overview

The overall specifications of a machine matter a lot. Sometimes, the users want a machine with certain specifications.

The portable rebar cutter is a 22-30 kg machine. Dimensions of a general machine of this category are 20”x5.9”x9.8”. It uses a motor with a voltage of 100V/115V/230V. The largest size of rebar the machine can cut varies for different versions. Even the best version can only cut bars of 32 mm size.

The cutting machine has a weight ranging from 450(GQ40) to 600 kg, Its rough dimensions are 60”x19.7”x32.5” making it a large-sized machine. It uses a single phase or 3 phase motor. Its maximum rebar size also depends on different variations. The largest size of round bar any machine can cut is about 50mm and for rebar, it is 40mm.

Overall, the cutting machine has more features than the portable rebar cutter.


The comparison was tough and both machines had their pros and cons.

Analyzing all the factors, we see that rebar cutting machine has more advantages than the portable cutting machine.

With its small size, the portable rebar cutter can easily be stolen at the site. This can cause loss to the client. Buying multiple portable machines can also prove to be costly for him. Its small size can also make it prone to damage.

This means that if a company wants to make a one-time investment, then rebar cutting machine (where to buy) is the option it should go with. It will be a little costly but will prove to give good quality and productivity. The machine can be fixed at a steelyard and then used by all workers. The machine is sure to give long-lasting service.