How Stirrup Bending Machine Works And How To Choose

stirrup bending machine

Time is essential in construction projects. When time isn’t managed well, it can cause delay. Delay in construction can mean work extension which affects the cost. One way to lessen the delay is to mechanize some works that are done by labor.

An example of this is using a stirrup bending machine. Using a stirrup bending machine in your construction site will make your work precise, lesser waste and increases productivity which will be an advantage.

But first, let’s discuss what stirrups are. Stirrups are rebar that serves as a tie to hold the main bar or reinforcement in a reinforced concrete like columns and beams.

The main purpose of the stirrups are to provide shear resistance and to prevent buckling. The stirrups are in closer spacing near the support and are spaced farther as you go to the center. Stirrups can be one legged, two legged, four legged and six legged.

Now, stirrup bending machine can be of automatic and manual. Each of which has its advantages depending on your preference and budget.

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An automatic CNC Stirrup Bending Machine is an advance equipment that offers more than just bending the rebar to become a stirrup or tie. This automatic bending machine can also straighten and cutting of steel bar as it is being bent to its desired bent anchorage. So how do this machine work?

First is to adjust the control. In this control, you can modify the speed, the bent angle as well as its anchorage length, the stirrup of length.

As you feed the rebar unto the machine, it will pass through a couple number of rollers of which are present in a standard straightening machine. This rollers are responsible for adjusting the crookedness of the rebar.

After it passes through the straightening machine, it will be then caught by the stirrup head of which a roller will be rotated, in your preferred angle of bent, until it achieved the required bent. It will be then pushed out as it is being bent until it forms that selected stirrup shape.

Succeeding, it will be cut and another stirrup will be formed within the entire length of the rebar that was fed in the machine.

Different automatic cnc stirrup bending machine can accommodate different rebar sizes like 4-12mm in single line with 4-10mm in double line and for a bigger machine, it can be used for rebar sizes like 8-16mm for single line and 8-12mm for double line.

Manual CNC Stirrup Bending Machine

CNC Stirrup bending machine is an equipment which is used to bend precut rebar with controlling the bent angle with a foot pedal. These foot pedals are separately adjusted to achieve the different bent angle. This is for the purpose of the interior bent angle and the anchorage angle of the stirrup. So how do this machine work?

First is to adjust the bent angle for the left foot pedal and the right foot pedal which is from the interior stirrup bent angle and the bent angle of the anchorage length, this is for the purpose that you do not need to calibrate from time to time while using the bending machine.

After doing so, feed the precut rebar onto the machine, extending the anchorage length. After putting in the right position, place your foot on the pedal and press it to allow the machine to bend the rebar. The way it bent if it will be feed into its holder and the plate will rotate on the calibrated angle on the different food pedals.

Move the rebar to the stirrup length and press the correct pedal for the interior bent angle. Next is to move the rebar along its width and press the correct pedal. Do it until you have closed the stirrup? As you have feed the right length for the entire stirrup, you do not need to cut the rebar.

Different cnc stirrup bending machine or the foot pedal stirrup bending machine can accommodate rebar sizes.

Most regular size stirrup machine can be used for round rebar sizes 4-20mm and rebar sizes 4-18mm. While with the bigger ones and heavy duty, the machine can work on round bar sizes 4-32mm and rebar sizes 4-28mm.

Manual Stirrup Bending Tool

These manual stirrup bending machine are smaller equipment used to bent the rebar into a stirrup. The manual stirrup bending machine usually are handy. So how do this machine works?

Unlike the automatic machine which you can calibrate in your desired bent angle, this bending machine is bending the rebar by human pressure. Put the rebar on to the guide pin or roller.

After doing so, use the handle to guide the bending roller and push until you have achieved the required bent angle. As you move the rebar to achieve the stirrup shape, repeat the step on how to bend the rebar using the handle.

After doing so, move to another precut rebar and do the same.

As the bending resistance of the rebar increases with its sizes, manual bending machine can also be harder as you used it on larger round bar or rebar. This machine can be used for smaller sizes that bending can be achievable by human force.

How To Choose

The best answer is always to depend on your budget. If you have a big budget, you can go for the automatic cnc stirrup bending machine that can offer an accurate, efficient and fully automated which means lesser waste and more precise stirrup result.

For mid-range and can offer efficiency, you can go for the foot pedal stirrup bending machine. This machine can be used for multiple precut rebar that are bent at the same time. This offers high efficiency as it gives a couple of stirrups in a short time. The workmanship can depend on the alignment of the rebar and how the rebar are precisely cut.

Lastly, if you’re tight on budget or for smaller projects and just need to fasten the bending of the rebar for your stirrups, the manual stirrup machine is good for you. The efficiency of the stirrup bending depends on the manpower assigned on the machine. The stronger it is, the easier it is to put force in bending the rebar.