How to Choose a Proper Inch Trowel Machine

Regular Sizes

Concreters are the set of people specialized in using a trowel machine. Different names have been given to it by people of different geographical regions, it is also simply called trowel machine, concrete helicopter, power trowel (wiki), and power float, concrete whirlybird and walk behind trowel machine.

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Where to Use Such a Tool

A trowel machine is best for any exposure that is relatively not more than 90m2 in area. If the area is more than 90m2, it is advisable you consider using another machine, that best work for the purpose.

Anyone looking to get a trowel machine for his business or for any other purposes, he must first check out for a right size and a model that will work perfectly for his work. What inch you are getting will also depend on if you are planning to work exclusively or intrusively.

You can get any inch trowel machine to finish up concrete from factory floors to car parks, to patio slabs. If you are considering getting such a tool for using it close to walls and fixtures area, it is good you know that a small size trowel is best to fit this. But if you are going to smooth a wide open area, a big size is better, because it can cover bigger area one time.

No matter of what size trowel machines you are able to get, they are all made along with blades (regular 4 pcs) to operate. As you know, the blades of a trowel machine are putted inside a protective cage, for safety sake

Some Factors You Should Consider

Before choosing and getting a trowel machine, there are key things you have to put into consideration,
The first important thing, how big is the area where I am going to finish? Vast area, obstructions or narrow doorways?

The second thing, what about your budget, regular, a bigger size machine is much than a smaller size
And you have to consider some other factors, such as the climatic nature of the area, the concrete mix type and so on.

A general Guide

To choose a proper inch trowel machine,knowing the right inch and model for your need at a particular point is important. Different sizes are suited for different purposes and uses. A bigger inch trowel machine is better than a smaller one, if you have a big area to finish.

Work smarter is better than work harder.

These inch trowel machine known in regular: 24, 30, 34, 36, 40, 42, and 46 inch

  1. 24-inch (600mm) Diameter Trowels: It is appropriate you go for 24” troweling machine, when you plan finishing around plumping pipe, edges and small doorways.
  1. 30-inch (760mm) Diameter Trowels: one good thing about this troweling machine is that it is very versatile, but it will be nice if you consider using it to fit through doorways only. It is also popularly known because of the fact that it can cover large wide areas, but not be recommended.
  1. 36-inch (910mm) Diameter Trowels: it works pretty well on every type of floor. It is best suited for small to medium pours. It is also popularly known because it can cover large wide areas, this is the one most regular used
  1. 46-inch (1160mm) Diameter Trowels: just like the 36-inch diameter trowel, it is really nice for all types of floors. You can consider to use it for anything that ranges from medium to large pours. In terms of coverage, a 46-inch diameter trowel can cover a wide extent of land area.
  1. 48-inch (1220mm) Diameter Trowels: this particular size is also nice for large coverage. It’s the largest one trowel as we normally seeing, the best of a 48-inch diameter trowel is achieved when you consider to use it for any pour that is in large range. Just name the floor type, it works well with anyone.

After you have gone through this article, now, we best believe you already know: what is a right inch and model for you. With proper inch trowel machines, it helps more construction companies and contractors, saving cost and time on the concrete finishing works.