Plate Compactors For Sale


Plate Compactors For Sale


What is plate compactor

In construction projects that require a stable subsurface, plate compactors are used to compact some types of soil and gravel. They are also known as plate tampers.
A plate compactor is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and accessories, but the main features remain the same. The core of the machine is a heavy, flat plate that rests on the ground when it is not in use. A gasoline or diesel engine drives or vibrates the plate.

Plate Compactor Mechanism

How To Use

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Parts available:

Water tank

Rubber pad

Wheel kit

Rubber mounts

And so on..

4 Types:









Briggs & Stratton

And so on…

Worldwide Delivery:
San Jose, Uae, Singapore, Winnipeg, Spokane, Saskatoon, San Antonio, Rochester, Richmond, Philippines, Portland, Malaysia, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hawaii, Dubai, Qatar, Namibia, Kuwait, Kenya, India, Toronto, Perth, Ontario and so on…

Be A Pioneer In The Plate Compactors Industry, Here’s What You’ll Need

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