Asphalt Cutting: Why to Cut, When to Cut, How to Cut

Asphalt cutting is one of the main construction tasks while dealing with the basics of pavement projects. Here, we give light to all the fundamentals of asphalt cutting, you should know.

asphalt pavement cutting for maintenance

As you take on a pavement project, you need to know why you are working on it. It is necessary to cut asphalts to repair and replace them while filling the potholes.

This process is essential to cut the damaged pieces of the road to eliminating bumps and cracks. Also, the ridges and dips on the road are a source of extreme nuisance.

It is crucial to smooth out the roads, so solve the problem before it worsens. It is vital for the cars’ safety and well being, along with an appropriate appearance of your driveway.

Hence, undergoing this all-important project, cutting asphalt is the first thing you should do. Otherwise, the driveway would deteriorate.

road to bumps and crack

When to cut?

Before heading to the start of cutting asphalt, you should know when to do. Analyzing when the need has arisen is necessary.

For instance, the main factor that should ring a bell is when your asphalt is cracking and requires fixing. If you see a pothole that needs some attention, it’s the right time. You should pick your tools up and start working.

Also, it needs to be aware of the problem the moment it arises. A cracked road needs maintenance immediately, or else further damage requires more effort and time

asphalt cracking

How to cut? 

Now that you know why and when it is necessary to cut asphalt, the next stage is digging. There are various ways of doing so, with some standard tools that you can use during the process.

However, these are lengthy processes, and here’s how to go about performing them.

Method 1: Using the circular saw

circular saw cutting asphalt pavement
  • Sweep the area clean

The first and foremost thing you should do is to clean the area where you want to cut asphalt. Use a broom to get rid of any loose elements of the asphalt or debris from there.
It is important because those little chunks could fly up and injure you. The reason behind is the saw collides’ blade with them.

  • Mark the targeted area

It is advisable to label the area for cutting with chalk. Use it to make lines on the Asphalt. According to the amount of space you want to cut.
A chalk line is a coverable line of string that you can elongate just over the ground level. Later, you can pull it up and see a chalk line printed on the ground.

  • Insert a diamond blade in the saw

As you put the diamond blade inside the circular saw, it will cut the asphalt quite effectively. These blades are strong enough to correctly do the job. Unlike, the regular ones that break during the process.
Also, while inserting the diamond blade, ensure turning the saw off. Next, loosen the nut of the blades by using a wrench and turn the saw on.
Then, hold the power trigger facing downwards till the blades start spinning at the optimum speed.

  • Start cutting the marked area

In this step, you have to start working. Dig the diamond blade into the ground and begin cutting slowly.
Keep pressing it gradually till it sinks in the asphalt, ultimately before you drag the blade further.
Knowing when you can proceed further is when you feel the blade facing lesser resistance in the Asphalt. As you get done with the complete line, pull the saw back up. Now release the power button to turn it off.

  • Get rid of the asphalt chunks

Lastly, pull the chunks out of the cut. The ones you’ve made by inserting the pointed part of the shovel into the cut line.
Next, lift them and discard them. In case those parts are too big, use a sledgehammer to tear them into smaller pieces first.

circular saw cutting asphalt pavement

Method 2: Using the chipping hammer (hammer chisel)

chipping hammer breaking pavement
  • Run the basics

Like the previous method, clean the debris off first.  Afterward, mark the area with chalk lines to know where to start.

  • Fix both components together

In this step, you have to put fit the chipping hammer and the chisel blade together. For non-linear cuts or short lines, use a narrow chisel blade.
On the contrary, for longer lines, use a wide chisel blade. Next, push the bid’s flat-ended area inside the bottom part of the chipping hammer and lock it in.

  • Turn the machine on

Keep the hammer’s tip on one end of the chalk line with both hands and turn the hammer on. Eventually, it’s up and down motion will start going deep in the asphalt to cut it effectively.
Move it along the chalk line till it covers the removable asphalt completely. Subsequently, the decreased resistance will tell you when to stop.

  • Wipe the asphalt chunks off

In the end, you have to clean the affected asphalt area. Then pick the leftovers up to dispose of them immediately. For bigger chunks, use the hammer to break them down first before discarding them.

hammer chisel cutting asphalt pavement

What do you use to cut asphalt?

Cutting asphalt is quite a technical and comprehensive task. However, with the right tools and equipment, you will find no difficulties in doing so. Here, we have mentioned below some of them:

  • Chalk line
  • Gloves
  • Safety Goggles
  • Broom
  • Chisel/Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Circular Saw
  • Diamond Blade
  • Aphalt cutter machine

How to use an asphalt cutter machine?

Numerous kinds of asphalt cutters do their job very efficiently. For making straight, long cuts, you should use an asphalt cutter that comes with a diamond blade.

The very first thing is, you need to have an asphalt cutter machine

Choose a suitable diamond saw blade to be fixed, what means suitable, it’s about size, and good for cutting material asphalt.

Add water to the tank before start the engine, as you turn it on, make sure to move it along the chalk lines while ensuring the cuts are deep enough.

For more details, please look into this video:

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On the other hand, for shorter, unorthodox cuts, it is best to use a chipping hammer. It is the easiest way to remove unwanted parts of the asphalt.

Summing it up

The process of cutting asphalt looks quite complicated. However, with the right resources, you can do it feasibly.

The two most common methods of doing so take minimal time. Also, in the end, you get your job done comfortably.

Asphalt cutting has become an easy task necessary for the cracked and bumpy roads. With this guide, indeed, you will face no hardships during the process.