Steel Bending Machine: What Is It,How To Make Spiral, How To Straight Bent Steel


Traditionally, straight reinforcement bars are bent using a hand-operated mechanism. The accuracy of the bend depends on the skill and experience of the worker.

As an alternative to pneumatic and hydraulic machines, some machines can be used to make stirrups, but those machines have the major drawback of requiring a large storage tank and compressor, making the machine heavy and steady.

A bending machine is operated by electrical means, where the worker is only required to supply the bars and activate the switches. The machine is portable, so it can be taken anywhere. Low power consumption makes this automatic bending machine a preferred machine.

In the automotive, aerospace, construction, and shipbuilding industries, electric bending machines are often used for their high accuracy and ease of use. Heavy workpieces must be bent in the aerospace industry because of their precise nature.

In addition to offering precision, these bending machines are also more energy-efficient than other bending machines.

In this article we will discuss how can you can make a spiral on a steel bending machine and how you can straighten the already bent bars.

steel bending machine

Spiral rebar benders feature pins and inductive sensors for precise angle adjustments, making them much more reliable than machines with standard limit switches. The machine is dirt and waterproof, and there is a safety pedal.

The leading end of the rebar does not need to be pre-bent before feeding into the spiral bender. The spiral bending machine can produce both left- and right-handed spirals.

Rebar bending machines include lateral short rulers with holes for pins, which allow for accurate angle adjustment.

How To Make A Spiral On A Steel Bending Machine

Follow these steps to make a spiral on steel bending machine.

  1. Three knobs, ON/OFF buttons, and a power indicator light are on the equipment control panel.
  2. The first knob on your spiral bending machine allows you to select left-handed or right-handed spirals. Position 1 equals LEFT, Position 2 equals RIGHT, and Position 0 equals STOP.
  3. The center knob controls the spiral bender’s speed. Position 0 is STOP, Position 1 is SLOW (7 meters or 23 feet per minute), and Position 2 is FAST (double speed, 14 meters or 46 feet per minute).
  4. Lastly, the righthand knob on the rebar spiral machine toggles between manual (MAN) and automatic (AUTO) modes.
  5. To turn the machine on, press the green button. A green POWER indicator light will appear. To power OFF, press the red button.
  6. You can move the small roller closer or farther from the two large rollers by rotating the outer handle on the central cogwheel. Your hoop or spiral will have a different radius or pitch as a result.
  7. You then feed the rebar between the large and small rollers after the rebar spiral machine has been adjusted to your preferences. Depending on whether the equipment is set to LEFT or RIGHT, you will feed from one side or the other. Make sure the rollers are facing away from you.
  8. As the rebar passes from the first large roller to the small roller to the second large roller, it will be bent. When the small roller is closer to the large rollers, the radius of the hoop or spiral will be smaller.

How To Straight Bent Rod On Steel Bending Machine

Portable straighteners are typically powered by a battery or electricity. Using a portable straightener, straighten rebars by following these steps.

  1. Ensure that the bending hook is in good condition. Tighten the bending hook completely.
  2. Change the rollers according to the rebar diameter.
  3. Warm up hydraulic oil during cold weather for 30-60 seconds to achieve the proper viscosity. To retract the piston to its starting position, press the trigger-switch and extend the piston to its full stroke. Repeat the process 2-3 times without rebar.
  4. The tool operates in push and pull modes. You can select the desired mode by moving the lever on the mode control valve. Push for piston advancement and pull for piston retract. The piston can be moved in either direction by simply pressing the switch.
  5. Place the rebar between the hook and two rollers. In order to ensure the rebar is properly positioned in the hook, its length should exceed the distance between the two rollers.
  6. Pull the trigger-switch to extend the bending hook.
  7. Ensure that the rebar is properly positioned in the hook and against the rollers.
  8. After the rebar has been fitted correctly, straighten it by pushing or pulling it up to the desired angle.


To sum it up, making spirals on a steel bending machine is quite simpler but it requires good skills to have good quality results. Straightening a bent bar can be done using a portable straightener.