How to Use Floor Grinding Machine – 6 Tips

Floor grinding machines are tools used to polish, level and clean floors. These tools are equipped with horizontal discs that rotate to smooth rough edges and finish off rough surfaces. The diamond bits embedded in the disc grind the floor’s surface to make it shiny.

This article will discuss additional information and tips on how to use floor grinding machines.

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floor grinding

The main function of a floor grinding machine (concrete grinder wiki) is to remove a thin layer from the surface you intend to polish. The tool is also capable of removing minor stains and blemishes. The number of floor polishes needed varies depending on the current state of the floor.

Regular types for using,

Walk-behind type

This is a large floor grinder that is used to grind concrete over the body of the floor, it is best suitable for wide areas.These tools are either powered by electric, petrol, diesel, or natural gas.

Walk behind foor grinding machines

wet grinding

Handheld type

Handheld floor grinders are typically used to grind tight surfaces and corners, where a bigger tool might find it difficult to reach.The grinding process of this tool produces large amounts of dust which can be taken out via an extraction hose attached to the unit.

handheld floor grinding machine

Common usage

  • Used to make unevenly casted surfaces smoother
  • Get rid of stubborn tile adhesive
  • Expose the floor’s aggregates for a more aesthetic look
  • An inexpensive way to remove floor membranes
  • To create a finish similar to stone floor surfaces

How to Use a Floor Grinding Machine(6 tips)


Floor grinding machines are very powerful tools and can be quite dangerous if not used properly. Check the user manual for instructions on using the floor grinder and try to understand its features as well.
Some manufacturers even provide free courses on how to use the machine properly and ensure you get good results.
It is also important to conduct a full check on the grinder. Make sure there is nothing in the extractor vents and the cables are not damaged.

2.Wheel settings

Grinders usually have two settings for the wheel, one for grinding and one for transportation.
Make sure you use the appropriate one for each occasion.

grinding wheel

3.Choose the right diamond shoes

These are the three main types of diamond shoes:

General-purpose shoes – these are all-rounders and strong enough to get rid of vinyl glue, tough epoxy, and aggressive concrete. They are the most used diamond shoes due to versatility.

Carbide shoes – these are coated with tough carbide, making them perfect for tough jobs that the general-purpose shoes can’t accomplish. They are best used for the removal of the toughest glues.

Floor polishing shoes – these can be used wet or dry. You may wet the surface before polishing with these shoes to achieve a smoother finish.

diamond shoes

4.Dry and Wet Conditions

Floor grinding machines can be both used in dry and wet conditions. The wet method consists of using water to bring down the temperature of the diamond grits and remove dust. The water will also lubricate the tool, reducing friction and potentially extending the life of the polishing tool. The drawback to this, it can be quite messy.

walk behind floor grinding machine

On the other hand, the dry method consists of polishing the floor while containers within the grinder accumulate the dust. It would be best to implement both these methods. To do this, use the dry method to get rid of imperfections, then use the method to make the floor shiny and mirror-like.

mop the floor

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Start by using the grinder dry. Move the tool from one side to another, making sure to avoid circular motions as these create swirls on the floor. Proceed on grinding until the floor is even and free from blemishes.

Don’t forget to check the blocks for even wear.

You should replace the grinding blocks over time. Use the coarser grinding blocks at first then switch to the finer blocks for polishing. Fine grinding blocks typically have 350-1800 grit.

The higher the grit, the smoother the resulting surface.

dry floor grinding

6.After grinding

After you polishing the surface, move the tool out of the work area, changing the setting of the wheel (if applicable).

Proceed to clean the machine, making sure to use lots of water to get rid of all dust accumulated. If you don’t clean the grinder immediately, it will be harder to clean later on.

After getting rid of fragments on the floor, mop the floor using the wet method to make it very shiny.

mop the floor


Floor grinding machines are generally used to make surfaces even, clean, and polished. To use it to its true potential, you need to understand its features and proper ways to use it

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